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Because your tires are making contact with the road, they are one of the most important components of your car. You should make sure to frequently inspect your tires and look for signs of low pressure, flatness and other imperfections. Rotating your tires regularly can help prolong their life. 

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In many ways, your tires are absolutely the most important component of your car as they’re the point of contact with the road. Therefore, the importance of NEVER compromising on the condition of your tires is something that literally cannot be overstated enough. At Daytona Mazda, we offer a full range of tire-related services including inspections, maintenance, replacement and more so that you can drive in safety and security at all times.

Regular tire rotations can dramatically improve the life of your tires and when it comes time for replacements, we’ll assist you in purchasing the best set to meet your needs in any and all ways that we can.

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